Eating in Australia


ac7db30686You may sometimes have the luxury of getting meals that are already prepared. Even though this may be so the following are the characteristics you find when it comes to  food matters.

Food is prepared communally with other family members, workers or woofers giving you an opportunity to talk ... however sometimes you prepare your own food by yourself.
Some people eat together around a table.
Meals are prepared using food that has been grown on the farm.
Home made wine sometimes accompanies the meals.
Often the food is fresh and organic but there instances where you get bought packet food.
Food is seasonal. You may not have shops in the area.

a595df8dddIt is advisable to talk to your host about any special dietary needs that you have to know whether they can be catered for. If this does not happen, you may be asked about it when you arrive.

If you are a vegetarian and it bothers you to see others eating meat, you may want to reconsider your staying in a farm that rears animals as the host mayeat them.

Although it is handy to be able to eat anything, hosts are very hospitable and may have had wwoofers who had special dietary needs and can therefore handle any such guests.