Culture Shock Australia

Culture shock

This can be defined as the anxious feeling experienced by persons who has moved to an environment which is new to him/ her. It is normally experienced in the first days of getting into a different environment. This however is a completely normal feeling and does not last long. You can be sure of that. No two places in the world are the same and therefore it may take you time to adjust. Give yourself this time and everything will be alright.

  • Having feelings of frustration and anxiety
  • Feeling that you lack direction
  • Not knowing your immediate cause of action
  • Having no knowledge of what is correct or wrong in your new environment

However much culture shock is unpleasant, the good side of it is the fact that it gives you the chance to get new perspectives in life and experience life differently.

Some of the main symptoms associated with  culture shock include:

  • Feeling sad and lonely
  • Being preoccupied with health issues
  • Having aches and pains with or without allergies
  • Suffering from insomnia where you feel sleepy or completely lack sleep.
  • Feelings of depression and vulnerability
  • Irritability accompanied by anger and not interacting with others
  • Tendencies to idealize your old country and identifying with your old culture.
  • Losing your identity
  • Trying very hard to absorb many things  in the your new country/location
  • Inability to deal with small problems
  • Erosion of your confidence
  • Feeling insecure and inadequate
  • Stereotyping the new different  culture
  • Getting obsessed with certain things for instance with cleanliness
  • Getting feelings of home sickness and longing for your family members
  • Feeling that one is overlooked and abused

Culture Shock Australia